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We print large and small plastic plates, aluminum signs, brass and steel plates in screen printing or digital printing on all signs and cartons.


Development, production and delivery of all types of signs

We can print large and small plastic plates, aluminum signs, brass and steel or special alarm signs in screen printing or digital printing on all signs and cartons.

These products are suitable for outdoor application as well as indoor use.

Industriprint is always ready to create the right solution for great, practical and durable signs that solve your task.





Signage Printing – Indoors & Outdoors Signs

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions arise when choosing the right supplier for your company signs. Here are the ones we hear the most -- and how that can help you.


What are custom-made signs designed for? In what way can I use them?

Different signs have different utilities. Usually, we get orders for one of the 3 following categories:

Directional signs

The most common purpose of signs is to provide directions. They are used by both public and private companies – such as road signs & indoors direction signs.

Promotional signs

The second most ordered type of signage are promotional signs. This type of signposts serves to promote certain products or services for private companies. They are often used in and in-front of brick-and-mortar stores as well as exhibitions and trade events.

Informational signs

As the name suggests, informational signs showcase some type of information that you want to broadcast. While similar to the other types listed above, informational signs are usually more text based / text heavy.

Will you be able to print my sign designs?

Absolutely! We accept ready-made designs that you can provide us with, and we can guide you through the process of designing your own signs. We can even create designs for you in-house.

Where to order custom signs?

Order your custom signs in the UK by calling us or submitting the contact form. We will get in touch briefly and help you create the perfect signs for your business. We guarantee top notch design and durability each and every time.

Can you print on both sides of the signs? Do you do double-sided sign printing?

We do! In certain cases, it is imperative to have your design on both sides of a sign. We are fully able to produce double-sided printed signs, just let us know. As a rule of thumb, however, we only print on one side, unless otherwise told. Most signs are applied to spaces (e.g. on walls) that solely require one-sided prints, but if you have other needs, we will be glad to help.

Can I get some specifications on which materials your signs are produced with?

Yes, absolutely. We provide many options when it comes to printing the right type of signs for you and the purposes for which they are needed. As with all cases, the specific solution used depends entirely on your requirements. We have various steel and aluminum for signs (with different thickness options); and different plastic materials. Please get in touch with us so that we can advise you. By contacting our experts, we can provide you with the right guidance that will fit your specific requirements.

Which sizes can I order? Do you have any standard sizes?

Unfortunately, we do not have any standard measures. Everything we make are customized for your specific requirements and almost every size is available. We produce both large, medium-sized and small signs. The only thing that matters is finding exactly what you are looking for.

Do you offer free shipping in UK?

We do offer free delivery to UK addresses for orders above £1.500. Moreover, we also ship orders below that for a courier cost.

Do you use eco-friendly materials for plastic signs?

Yes, we use eco-friendly materials wherever possible. However, some of the bioplastics available currently on the market do not have high durability and therefore in most cases we prioritize the quality of the product.

Do you also offer installation services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer installation services for the signs you have ordered. In many cases, however, our customers request signs with a self-adhesive backing allowing them to attach the signs themselves.

I have an idea but I am not a graphic designer. Can you help me with the graphics for our signs?

Absolutely. We always work side by side with our customers from start to finish. Whether you approach us with a ready-made design or need one made for you, we will surely guide you through the process and our design team is able to create graphics for your signs based on your specifications.

Do you offer any guarantees for the lifetime of the signs? How long do the signs last?

The lifetime of each product depends on several factors such as the materials used, the ink, fixing type, indoor/outdoor use and of course your handling of it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, our material suppliers do not offer any guarantees for the materials -- and therefore it is not possible for us to do so either. Does this mean the signs won’t last at all? Not at all. On the bright side, Industriprint is all about quality – and we always receive very positive feedback from our customers who report that the signs we produce for them outlast their expected lifetime.

Can I do something to extend the lifetime of the signs?

Yes, you can. To ensure your signs last longer and are protected from the environment for which they are meant to be used, we recommend using a specific finish to the product. Different layers of finishes can be added – each with its own purpose and advantages. Please consult with us so that we can recommend the best type of coating for your products.


Useful Information on Custom Signage

We specialize in the development, production and delivery of all types of signs: plastic signs, aluminum signs, safety signs. Additionally, we print (digital printing) on all sign-materials including cardboard.

Industriprint is always ready to create the perfect solution for you – be it beautiful, practical and durable signs which suit your specific requirements – both for indoor and outdoor use.

We understand that your brand is your company’s face and how you present it matters to us. It is the first thing that your customers see – and it certainly makes a lasting impression. It is therefore, our mission to ensure this lasting impression is positive. Through the signs and branding materials we produce, we ensure that you can competently present your company and inform your end-users of your products or services accordingly. Click here to see all of our branding solutions. And with outdoor signs, you can be sure that your company attracts the eye and gets noticed.

But focusing on your brand is not the only benefit of our sign printing services. In all fairness, it is wrong to leave out the durability and utility our products provide. We offer the possibility of having both indoor and outdoor signs – produced with the optimal materials which serve different purposes.

Looking for a way to make your brand stand out of the crowd? Click here to see our 3D polydome badges and labels.

Types of signs we offer

We are an all-round supplier specializing in custom signs made to your specific requirements. Therefore, we offer different types of signs that are suitable for use in any environment and for any usage.

Signs based on usage:

  • Indoor signs
  • Outdoor signs
  • Heavy-duty
  • Alarm / security signs
  • Self-adhesive signs

Signage based on materials:

  • Aluminum /steel signs
  • Plastic signs
  • Nameplates / Name badges / Rating plates
  • Clear acrylic signs
  • Vinyl texts / contour-cut signs

Below you can find some useful information about the most common types of signs we produce.

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Aluminum / Steel signs

industriprint buy aluminuim signs in the united kingdom and order our steel signage services

Aluminum and steel signs are extremely durable in all environments. The signage production differs primarily based on their specific use – or the customer’s preferences. Both the aluminum and steel signs have different processes for preparation / coating which determine the quality and end result.

Because of their superior durability and weather resistance, they are most often used outdoors. And while they can be used indoors as well, we offer more cost-effective solutions that will not compromise the quality of the sign. It will only save you from unnecessary cost. Our aluminum and steel signs can be supplied with a self-adhesive backing or with drilled holes for hanging. (i.e. ready to be attached by the customer).

Since there is so much to be said about our aluminum/steel signs, we believe they deserve their own category. Therefore, we’ve listed more in-depth specifications on this page about aluminum signs.



Plastic signs

england's best plastic signs supplier - buy ready-made plastic signs or order your custom plastic signage here

Plastic signs are the perfect match between affordability, versatility and durability. While they will ultimately last longer if used indoors, our plastic signs are also designed and produced to be durable enough for outside usage. We cannot give a specific lifespan of the products -- but we guarantee that our plastic signs will last several years with the right care and use. Based on customer feedback, they often outperform their expected lifespan. We specialize in manufacturing extremely customizable plastic signs -- that can be therefore be fitted for virtually any type of application -- for example cut into finished format with straight or round corners, specially fitted, laser cut, perforated, or supplied with self-adhesive backing.

What can I use plastic signs for?
Plastic signs represent a very affordable solution for virtually all businesses and industries. They can be mounted on store fronts or banner/sign stand, wall-mounted inside, etc. Plastic signs are a great option for you to communicate any information to your audience – be it at trade fairs, events and exhibitions – to indoors signage for your business or corporate building.

Plastic sign application:

Plastic signage has a wide variety of use, including:

  • Event signage
  • Real estate signage
  • Directional signage
  • Point-of-purchase signage
  • Promotional signage
  • Industrial signage
  • Menu signage

Plastic signs are by nature made from non-reflective materials which allows for effective application of your prints. In turn this allows us to produce plastic signs with full colour printing – after which they can be covered with UV resistant ink for better protection. They are also much more widespread and cost-effective in comparison to other materials.



Alarm / Security signs

industriprint is a leading manufacturer of alarm signage in britain - order your custom alarm signs from us

Every business wants to keep their facility, employees and visitors safe. But is this even possible?

With our security signs, you can keep your property and people safe and prevent equipment theft, burglaries and other unwanted events. You can, moreover, also use alarm signs to inform visitors of your most restricted / prohibited areas. Contact us now to get your custom alarm signs. We guarantee quick production and superior quality each and every time.

If you are a professional alarm and security company, our alarm signs deliver outstanding quality, design and durability. Our security signs come with many features and are always customized to our customers’ specifications. This includes the materials used (e.g. acrylic), the coating, adhesion techniques (e.g. featuring a self-adhesive backing or having countersunk holes for mounting with screws – because the molding happens with different tools), etc. Our security signs are extremely versatile and can be installed at doors, fences, buildings and more.

What can I use alarm signs for?

Alarm signs display the security policies of your property, industrial buildings, manufacturing plant or all other types of estates that you would like to protect.  Alarm and security signs are a great way to prevent vandalism, theft or other criminal actions in and around your personal or business property.

Alarm sign applications:
  • Homes
  • Fences
  • Doors
  • Buildings
  • Private properties
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Construction sites
Advantages of alarm signs
  • Alarm signs provide an extra “layer” of security to your security systems
  • Prevent theft, vandalism and other criminal activities
  • Great durability indoor and outdoor
What can I use security signs for?

Security signs also include visitor signs, parking signs, emergency signs etc. That’s because alarm signs are a sub-category of security signs – and this parent category also features signage used for displaying emergency exits, orientate visitors, mark areas safe for parking, etc.


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