We are happy to help with the development of graphic fascias, overlays, panels, etc. which can be made for any conceivable purpose. The materials can be polyester, polycarbonate, acrylic, PVC etc.  These can be surface or under surface printed and can be a combination of screen and digital print. You get the right material for the job, which can then be embossed or overlaminated if required and then platten, plotter or laser cut dependant upon the material used.  It is also possible to supply these with a self-adhesive backing if needed. They can be supplied in sheets or individually.  In other words, we will deliver the product that solves your task perfectly.

To ensure compliance with the given tolerances, continuous control measurements are performed in the manufacturing process. Even microscopic tolerances down to 1 micron can be achieved with the use of our optical measuring machine.



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