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3D doming turns a flat label into three-dimensional nameplate. Printed, kiss-cut and then a polyurethane coating is added. Various shapes and sizes.

3D domed products

3D doming turns a flat label into a three dimensional nameplate, that will literally elevate your brand.

The label is printed and kiss-cut in the normal way and then a polyurethane coating is added.  It can cover the entire surface, as can be seen in the video below, or it can be applied to specific areas, as in the key pad example to the left.

There is, of course, no limit to the design of text, logos, symbols etc. and colour combinations that can be incorporated at the printing stage, prior to the 3D doming.  Because the cutting of the label is critical to successful polyurethane coating, we have a bank of tools in standard shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals in a variety of sizes.  Notwithstanding that we can also produce bespoke shapes and sizes in exactly the shape you want, within any limitations of the doming process.

So if you want to upgrade your branding or already use these types of products, then don't hesitate to contact us.





This video shows the polyurethane application process that transforms a flat label into a 3D nameplate.

Cost-Effective 3D Doming

3D Domed Printing - Frequently Asked Questions

Polyurethane (PU) coating of labels, also known as 3D doming, is a way of turning a two-dimensional label or sticker into a three-dimensional nameplate or badge. Here are some of the questions our customers ask the most.


Can you print both spot colours  and 4 colour process?

3D badges can be printed with either screen print inks or by digital printing and even a combination of the two. This allows us to match the design to any Pantone colour or CMYK colour combination. The polyurethane coating then both protects the print and also enhances the overall appearance.

Are 3D nameplates available with different self-adhesive backings?

Of course! We can print on a variety of different vinyl and polyester self-adhesive substrates dependent upon both the environment in which the finished article will sit and also the material and type of surface that the 3D label will be applied to. For example, the product may be sitting in extreme temperatures or exposed to chemicals.

Alternatively, it might be being applied to an adhesive resistant plastic like polypropylene or polyethylene. It is also possible for us to laminate other adhesives to the reverse of the label, for example a foam adhesive for application to a textured or powder coated surface. If you have any doubts then get in touch with our specialists who will help you in the process of selecting the right adhesive backing for the job.

Can you assist with the print design? Can you create samples for approval prior to producing my order?

Yes. We work closely with our customers throughout the whole process -- meaning our design team is able to produce the graphics for the 3D badges based on your specifications and incorporate your own supplied logos or branding artwork. It is also possible for us to submit digitally printed samples for approval before manufacturing commences.

Are there standard sizes and shapes available? Are there any limitations on the smallest or largest sizes?

Because many of the 3D badges we produce are standard shapes like rectangles and circles, we have built up a tool bank of the most common sizes which means that you won’t incur any additional charge for tooling if we use one of these stock tools.

The smallest sizes we can produce is a 6mmØ circular badge or a 10mm x 10mm square one. Please note that for square and rectangular badges minimum 1mm radius corners are required, as during manufacture the coating will not flow into a sharp corner.

3D Nameplates can be produced up to 700mm or 3D stripes up to 1000mm long (minimum width 10mm). However, with large areas the doming effect is lost and the polyurethane simply acts as a protective coating. In some instances a more inexpensive protective layer might be preferable e.g. a laminated transparent polyester overlay.


Do you produce custom-shaped 3D badges?

Absolutely. It is possible to produce any shape as long as it doesn’t contain sharp corners (external curves minimum 1mmØ, internal curves minimum 2mmØ).  For low volumes (< 5000 pieces) we can cut the label shape using a computer-controlled plotter cutter, removing the need for expensive tooling.

What temperature range can a 3D badge withstand?

The polyurethane we use has a temperature range of -40C to +150C. For temperatures over 90C we would recommend a polyester base label rather than PVC. The colder a 3D badge gets the more rigid the polyurethane becomes and conversely the hotter it becomes the more flexible it is. However, 3D polyurethane badges are not recommended for application to a curved surface even if they are never going to get cold. This is because the polyurethane is cured flat and the molecules retain that ‘memory’ and will overcome even the strongest adhesives over time.

Can 3D badges be used outdoors?

Yes. Not only can they be used outdoors but they will outlast an uncoated label as the polyurethane coating contains UV inhibitors. In addition, the polyurethane protects the print from abrasion and general wear and tear. The UV inhibitors we use in the coating agent, also protect it from yellowing over time.

Will the polyurethane yellow with age?

In the early days of polyurethane doming, the polyurethane had a tendency to yellow over time. This is no longer the case and we use only the latest mercury free formulations.

Do you offer any guarantees (e.g. regarding the lifetime of the product, etc.)? What is the average lifetime of the 3D badges you produce?

In all cases, the lifetime of the product depends on several factors such as: the substrate and adhesive backing used and the environment in which the badge will exist. As our suppliers of these materials offer no guarantees, it is not possible for us to do so either. However, in most cases, a life of 10+ years can be expected.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, free delivery is available for orders over £1500 to one UK address. Any orders that are below this value are shipped by courier at the customer’s cost.


Useful Information about 3D Polyurethane Coating

Here you can learn more about our polyurethane doming process as well as our services in the United Kingdom.

What are 3D domed labels?

3D Domed labels are used in a wide range of business from domestic to engineering and industrial companies. Also known as raised, Tufflex and polyurethane coated products, domed labels are a much more permanent and long-term solution compared to regular labels. The manufacturing process starts with either screen printing or digital printing the label itself after which a polyurethane coating layer is added creating a dome that looks like a bubble which protects the graphic.

Our polyurethane doming services turn flat labels into three-dimensional (3D) nameplates, that will literally elevate your brand to new heights.

How are 3D Polyurethane labels made?

The label is printed and kiss-cut in through a regular printing process after which a polyurethane coating is added on top of it to give it the required 3D effect. The dome coating can cover either the entire surface or it can be applied to specific areas.

There is, of course, no limit to the design of text, logos, symbols, etc. and colour combinations that can be incorporated at the printing stage, prior to the 3D doming. Because the cutting of the label is critical to the successful polyurethane coating, we have a special set of tools in standard shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals in a great variety of sizes. Notwithstanding that we can also produce bespoke shapes and sizes within your exact requirements considering some limitations apply to the doming process itself.

We produce, design and deliver a great variety of 3D polydome products on many different substrates. For example, we both print and dome 3D polyurethane:

  • domed lettering
  • domed graphic overlays
  • coated badges for textile
  • coated labels
  • coated nameplates

If you are looking to upgrade your branding, using 3D epoxy domed labels, signs or letters is a great solution.

Having over 50 year of expertise in the market, we can produce customized domed products in any shape and size while ensuring a professional result that will make your brand stand out. We take great pride in 3D doming in high quality. is a leading supplier in the United Kingdom of domed labels, badges, emblems, letters and even domed graphic overlays – including all materials and all formats with either full or partial doming.

The non-yellowing polyurethane resin coating that is added not only adds that extra dimension but creates an impervious barrier, enabling your logo to look as good down the line as it did when it was first created.


Britain’s best 3D epoxy domed products

Find out more about our range of 3D domed products below.

Standard Shapes for 3D Labels and Badges

useful information about 3D domed products and polyurethane domed lettering in the united kingdom

With labels or badges designed to precisely fit the format, style and colours of your branding, our polyurethane coating both adds to the perceived value of your products and gives it a stunning visual impact. It also adds to the durability of the logo and as a result, combined with the correct adhesive backing, can be used indoors or outdoors on a variety of different materials.

Special Shapes for 3D Labels and Badges

england's supplier of custom special shapes 3D polyurethane doming that fits your needs and requirements

Should you be looking for something different, we can offer you 3D badges and labels in special shapes and sizes. While some materials such as tempered glass are hard to shape, polyurethane allows for a high flexibility in production which results in a great variety of uses.

Because during production the polyurethane is added in liquid form, it can flow into virtually any shape before it cures and hardens. Additionally, in cases where its required, because of its flexibility the polyurethane epoxy can be formed even after curing, for example when used on an aluminum substrate.

3D Poly Dome Labels, Stickers and Signs

3d polyurethane coated labels, stickers and signs produced in britain

Domed labels (also called 3D labels, Tufflex labels, 3D resin badges, domed badges, etc.) are yet another great way to make your brand stand out. 3D domed labels are hugely popular in a large number of industries because they offer a unique form of branding.

The polyurethane dome provides your labels with a hard, scratch resident coating that gives an attractive and eye-catching end result. A 3D domed sticker fits on any display alongside your brand, logo and name and adds a certain professionalism. 3D labels are visually attractive and adhere to almost any smooth surface.

Compared to a 2D sticker, the doming makes the resin labels crystal clear and enhances the printed motifs and colours.

Advantages of Polyurethane Domed Labels

  • Crystal clear colours
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong adhesion


3D Domed Lettering

british 3d domed lettering services with clear coat protective polyurethane

Die cut vinyl letters take on a whole new and special dimension when coated with polyurethane. When added to metallized polyester it turns a flat shiny graphic into a fully formed metal effect finish that will outperform and outlast its true metal counterpart.

The letters are printed as a standard label after which a coating of polyurethane is added to give the label the 3D domed effect.

Where Can Raised Epoxy Domed Letters Be Used?

3D domed letters can be used in a lot of different scenarios such as branding on vehicles, retail displays and packaging, industrial parts, medical equipment, consumer products, and many more. In fact, 3D domed letters can be used almost everywhere on anything as long as there’s a good base for adhesion. It is also possible for you to apply them on suitable fabric by using a specific vinyl substrate (see below).

3D Polyurethane Badges for Textiles

3D raised badges for textile and textile products made with polyurethane coating in united kingdom

3D polyurethane coated badges can also be created with the purpose of being attached to textiles. Caps, jackets, sports clothing, bags and even furniture can now all be branded with both beautiful and durable logos that really makes them stand out.

By using a suitable vinyl substrate and leaving an undomed perimeter around the edge of the badge, it is possible for you to adhere the badge to the fabric of your choice either by stitching it or using high-frequency welding.

Standard adhesives are not suitable for application to textiles, but it is possible for us to supply you with 3D badges with a hot-melt adhesive backing for application to fabrics.

3D Domed Graphic Overlays

3d doming is also available for graphic overlays and human machine interface applications

Polyurethane coating can also be used for human-machine interface graphic overlays, helping create a user interface that not only meets your technical standards but is hard wearing as well.

By combining either a transparent substrate, or an opaque one cut in the required areas, the transparent polyurethane coating creates a window where an LCD display can be placed. Additionally, with transparent substrates, the display can be either coloured or diffused to your specifications by the use of transparent printing inks.

It is also possible to add 3D doming to specific areas of a panel, for example:

  • to create domed buttons on a keypad
  • to act as a magnifier over a printed scale
  • or to create an unusual eye-catching design that enhances the user experience

Recess Fitting Epoxy Coated Products

In cases where your logo must be fitted into a recess, we are also able to shape/cut the badge even after the polyurethane doming has cured. This will create a square edge that will allow the badge to perfectly fit in the recess. Besides that, the Tufflex like products can be produced with a flush finish so that the edges completely blend in. This is particularly useful in public areas where surface-mounted badges can fall victim to prying fingers and so the flush finish will essentially ensure a longer lifespan of your products.

Embossed 3D Domed Nameplates

embossing services for 3d domed nameplates is an option to further highlight your brand

To further highlight your name, logo or any other brand element, it is possible to emboss an area of the badge right after printing it before the doming process begins. When combined with a suitable metallized substrate, this will create an even greater visual highlight and add a touch of class to give your branding the exclusivity it deserves.

Looking for standard / flat signs instead? Click here to see our sign products.

Serving customers in the UK for over 25 years

Originally under the name of Vesterbro, Industriprint started serving clients in the United Kingdom in 1994. To enter this market and provide the best possible quality service, we offered 3D Polyurethane as our first products to British customers. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many customers looking for cost effective 3D dome coating solutions. And with over 25 years of experience in the market, our customers have enjoyed high-quality polyurethane domed products and a best-in-class service.


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