Key skills in screen printing

Screen printing is ideal for industrial environments where high durability is required both outdoors and indoors. In fact outdoors there is not another print method which will get you closer to permanent durability.

This ensures that both spot and CMYK colours remain fresh.

For screen printing, we have an advanced colour matching system that ensures the correct colour, regardles of whether we need to match to a Pantone, RAL, NCS reference colour or a submitted colour sample. The colour is also continuously assessed relative to the substrate to be printed.

We produce both small and large volumes, but at larger volumes it also becomes a very competitive form of print production. Therefore, it is not only used for outdoor signs in general, but is also particularly suitable for branding machines, alarm signs, store flags, metal signs and overlays and indoors in challenging environments.

Screen printing can also be combined with digital printing. It provides a product with the best of both worlds. We call it combined print.

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