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Digital print with UV and solvent solutions. High durability against bleaching when exposed to sun, wind and weather. 4 colours + white.

Key skills in digital print

Digital printing is suitable for tasks in all volumes. It provides a quick start-up and straight forward design and development. We have both UV and solvent solutions. It is possible to alter content and information quickly and cheaply. Consecutive numbering and personalised text is no obstacle. Digital printing is also eminently suitable for highlighting fine detail.

We also have equipment to ensure proper colour rendering within the digital print department, but by the very nature of digital printing this only works with CMYK colours. Digital printing inks are much improved compared to even a few years ago, so today it is possible to better match to more Pantone colours. They also have better durability against bleaching when the print is exposed to sun, wind and weather, but ultimately screen print is still superior in this regard.

We can digitally print in 4 colors + white on to self-adhesive substrates, plastic, acrylic, metal, cardboard, foamed PVC m.v. in up to 50 mm material thickness. However, the material to be printed always needs to be flat.

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