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Vesterbro Serigrafi is now called


Vesterbro Serigrafi is now called Industriprint and changed its logo.

On November 13th 2017, Vesterbro Serigrafi changed its name to Industriprint


Vesterbro Serigrafi was founded in 1962 by engineer K.A.Hansen in Vesterbro, in the center of Aalborg. In 1982 the conditions had become too confining and the company moved to a new industrial area in Aalborg East. The company grew and moved again in the same area in 1985 and at the time had over 40 employees.

Technology has streamlined our industry, so today the company has just under 20 employees. This along with new processes meant that the existing location was no longer fit for purpose, so in 2015, the company moved again. This time to Lufthavnsvej in Nørresundby just north of Aalborg and close to the airport.  Here it was possible to adapt the layout to create an ideal factory workflow that incorporated not only the ideal location for all the screen print and digital production machinery and ancilliary equipment but also met the environmental needs.

It has been a long journey, and technology and constant development has improved production processes. Screen printing techniques have been around for more than 2,000 years and will probably always continue to exist, but new technologies have also come to fruition. We have decided to change the name of the company to better reflect this, along with our new address and our overall area of business. We therefore think that "Industriprint" is a much more appropriate name for the company we are today.



From craft to industrial printing

We combine modern digital printing technology with thousand year old screen print technology.

The new location incorporated the location for ideal factory workflow, screen print and digital production as well as the environmental needs

Technology and constant development have improved production processes, so we changed the company name to “Industriprint” to reflect this

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