50 years of printing experience

Industriprint is not just an experienced supplier of screen print solutions. We also have over 20 years of experience in digital print as well as over 50 years of invaluable knowledge about screen printing - a knowledge that covers all aspects of the field. From the choice of the right materials for the individual task, the optimum adhesive, the best colours, the most rational way of production, etc., a process that ultimately provides the desired quality for the customer.



Our size and production processes give us a unique flexibility that ultimately benefits all our customers. We are ready to produce small quantities as well as high volume - one thing is for sure, no job is too small....or too large!

Everything in our factory is designed to be customer-centric.  Our aim is not just customer satisfaction - we want you to be delighted with the result!

Dynamic and constant development - based on years of experience

The possibilities in screen and digital printing are endless
- Industriprint has the solutions.

Industriprint and the environment

Industriprint naturally meets all the current Danish and European environmental requirements - and a little more ...

Industriprint's production department has well-designed ventilation and extractor systems, as well as purification and recirculation plants for both water and inks & solvents.

The resultant solid residues are then sent for regulated and carefully controlled disposal.

Excess aluminium, acrylic, polystyrene etc. are sent for recycling.

The green smiley

The Danish Working Environment Authority has awarded Industriprint "The Green Smiley" which demonstrates that the company meets all the requirements of the Occupational Health Act.

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